The Invisalign System Explained

Grey metal brackets are no longer the only orthodontic option when it comes to achieving a beautiful smile with straight teeth. When thinking of orthodontic treatments, many people may still immediately think of the traditional, noticeable metal brackets with wires that are hard to hide.

The great thing is, with advancements in technology and innovations in treatment, there are now several less obtrusive and more comfortable options to straighten teeth. One of those options is the Invisalign® system of clear aligners. With Invisalign, you can gradually improve your smile virtually unnoticeable to anyone else. 

Chances are you have heard the word Invisalign before, but do you really know what it is and how it could possibly be the perfect treatment for you? Let’s dive into more detail about the Invisalign system by answering some frequently asked questions.


What Exactly Is The Invisalign System?

The Invisalign system, a virtually invisible treatment, is a series of customized and removable clear aligners that are specially made for your smile as your treatment progresses. You’ll receive new aligners throughout your treatment as your teeth shift. The Invisalign system is comfortable and provides a convenient option to straighten teeth. You wear the aligners throughout the day and night and remove them to brush and floss your teeth.


Is Invisalign An Option For Teens?

Yes! Thanks to advancements in technology since the Invisalign system was first introduced, these clear aligners are now an option for adults AND teens. The Invisalign aligners can now come with “eruption tabs” built in to save space for teeth that may not have fully erupted yet as a teenager. Plus, colored dots, known as “compliance indicators”, are located on the aligners for teenagers to indicate if they are being worn properly for the full amount of time necessary per day.


How Are The Clear Aligners Customized?

When you first begin your treatment, through advanced 3D computer imaging, the Invisalign System depicts the entire duration of your treatment plan from where your teeth are first starting to the final desired position. Then a series of custom aligners are made for your teeth and your treatment plan to shift them gradually. You wear each aligner for about two weeks before it’s time to switch to the next in the series until the final position of your teeth is reached.


How Long Is The Treatment Time With The Invisalign System?

On average, orthodontic treatment with the Invisalign system will last from 6 to 18 months. A majority of Invisalign treatment plans last for 12 months. Compared to traditional braces where the treatment time can range from 18 months to 3 years. Your treatment time with the Invisalign system will be determined by your orthodontist based on your specific needs.

Will I Have More Or Fewer Appointments With Invisalign?

Compared to traditional braces, the number of follow-up appointments needed with the Invisalign system will be fewer. You’ll spend more time living your life and less time having to go back to your orthodontic office. With the Invisalign aligners, you’ll come in roughly every 6 weeks for your orthodontist to examine your teeth, check the progress, and give you the next several replacement sets of aligners. This means you’ll save time and money with fewer appointments compared to traditional braces where you would come in for a monthly checkup.


Are The Clear Aligners Uncomfortable?

With the Invisalign system, you don’t have any wires or brackets that could rub on your cheek or cause soreness that way. The clear aligners are less obtrusive and overall can provide a more comfortable solution for orthodontic treatment. With Invisalign, you may occasionally experience a bit of soreness the day you switch to a new set of aligners. But many people find this to be a very minor inconvenience that usually subsides within that same day. Those who experience minor discomfort with a new set of aligners find it beneficial to put the new set in before they go to bed. This lets your mouth adjust to the slight changes in the aligners while you sleep.


Will I Need To Wear A Retainer After My Invisalign Treatment Is Over?

With any orthodontic treatment, whether it is traditional braces or the Invisalign system, most orthodontists recommend using a retainer after finishing treatment. This is to prevent teeth from gradually shifting back towards their initial position. Though every case does differ. We can help determine if you will need retainers.


What Are The Primary Benefits Of The Invisalign System?

  • This treatment uses clear, virtually invisible aligners. So you can straighten your teeth with hardly anyone being able to tell.
  • The aligners are removable so you can enjoy your favorite foods and drinks and brush and floss your teeth more effectively.
  • The treatment time with the Invisalign system will be shorter compared to traditional brackets and wire orthodontic treatment.
  • Fewer orthodontic office visits will be needed during your treatment with the Invisalign system.
  • You’ll avoid gum and cheek irritations that can sometimes come from traditional brackets and wires.
  • You’ll have the ability to view your virtual results and treatment plan before you start with the Invisalign system so you can see what your teeth will look like when they reach the desired position at the end of your treatment.
  • Over 8 million people have now used the Invisalign system to achieve a straight, beautiful smile.

Cook & Gutsche Orthodontics Are Your Trusted Providers For Invisalign In Springfield, PA

The Invisalign System is a great option for orthodontic treatment in both adults and teens. Allowing you to achieve a beautiful, straight smile with virtually invisible aligners that are both comfortable and removable.

Here at Cook & Gutsche Orthodontics, we provide quality and compassionate orthodontic care and the most innovative orthodontic solutions, including the Invisalign system. If you are interested in Invisalign, don’t hesitate to contact us and our experts can provide more information, answer any questions, and help you determine if this system is a good fit for you. Schedule your free consultation today!