I am an adult patient with a difficult professional schedule. Dr. Cook and his team were nothing but friendly, hospitable, accommodating, and professional at every juncture! I honestly have never been treated so kindly by any other medical services industry office other than Dr. Baglivo, who referred me to Dr. Cook’s office, birds of a feather! I technically completed my orthodontic care with Dr. Cook and his team in late June 2018. I’d started my care with his team in May 2017. At that time, we expected that I would be wearing the classic metal braces for 18 to 24 months. An unexpected professional opportunity presented itself around February 2018. Dr. Cook and his team worked diligently, thoroughly, and optimistically to finish my orthodontia care in record time! The entire team squeezed me in on numerous occasions warmly, without hesitation. I will not list anyone’s names specifically in the interest of their privacy (those of you that cared for me the most, I am talking to you!). I have to say that I am truly impressed by the care that I received here. Not only was the care exceptional, but Dr. Cook and his team were entirely honest and fair in all matters, including financially. People speak of how orthodontia is a “rip-off,” I have to say that he and his team never overcharged me. In fact, quite the opposite; where other offices would have gauged me for every last penny, even though my care had finished, he did not. These old world values and commitment to excellence in providing medical/dental care are virtually unheard of these days. I say this frankly because I, myself, am a medical professional and am acutely aware of how our industry behaves. The smile that I have now was worth every penny! I am beyond happy with the care that I have received. I highly, highly recommend Drs. Cook and Gutsche for orthodontia care; it is worth your time, effort, and financial commitment. They are an outstanding team full of wonderful people. You will not be sorry! I look forward to seeing them again in follow-up when I return home to Philly for a visit!
- Gratefully, Melissa M.


Dear Dr. Cook and Team,
I wanted to thank you all again for taking such great care of me and getting such great results! When I sent this picture (of me and my daughter before her prom) to my Mom she said many nice things including that I should send it to my Ortho! I love my smile and it’s not just cosmetics. What’s on the inside now shows on the outside.
Thanks again,
- Susan O.

I've been a patient of Dr. Cook's for several years. I still remember the first time I came in and met with him. He really listened to me when I arrived in a somewhat frazzled state. My teeth were moving!!!! I didn't realize that many other people have the same situation to deal with. I could only think, my teeth are moving!!!!! My wish for them is that they find an orthodontist as capable and caring as Dr. Cook. Better yet.....go for a consultation with Dr. Cook. He reassured me and helped me all through the process of fixing my teeth. He and his staff told me what to expect and if I had a problem they were a phone call away.

Just recently my bottom teeth began moving. This time I knew what that meant and went to see him quickly. The process was similar to the last time but different in the beginning because another device was needed to create the result he was looking for. I wasn't fond of the new device but stuck with it until we changed into the type I was familiar with. Well, problem solved! Teeth fixed! Great Care! A Compassionate Orthodontist! Kind staff members! Affordable prices! You are in caring hands in this practice. Why look elsewhere?
- Christine W.

I just completed my orthodontic treatment with Dr. Cook and I couldn’t be happier. He came highly recommended by my dentist who referred to him as an “artist” and I have to agree with him! From the first day in his office I felt right at home with him and his entire team, all have been so wonderful every step of the way and were especially attentive to my needs. I’m so grateful. Thanks for my awesome new smile.
- Stephanie N.

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